Active Travel to School Information for Parents

Fed up with the stress of the school run and finding it more and more difficult to park near the school gates? Then why not get involved in My Journey, a project funded by the Department of Transport that aims to encourage alternatives to car travel in and around your local area? By walking, scootingcycling or using public transport for school journeys you could save money, improve your health and wellbeing whilst helping to reduce congestion and pollution in the local area, making it a nicer environment for your child.

We have lots of fantastic and engaging initiatives that are inspiring parents and children across the county to get involved and make travel to school a lot more fun and safer. We offer cycle skills training and bike workshops to name but a few. If, like many others, you’d like to make the school run stress free and more enjoyable for everyone then get in touch today. We can connect you with a Travel Plan Advisor in your area or tell you who your School Travel Champion is so you can speak directly to them.

The Parkwise Promise

In an effort to create a safer environment outside schools at the beginning and end of the day, we are promoting ‘The Parkwise Promise’, a Council-led initiative to target dangerous and inconsiderate parking near to schools. Please see our Parkwise page for more information.

Back to school booklet

This booklet has been produced to provide parents with the information and tools they need to find out the travel to school options available when their children start school, even if it's choosing an alternative to the car once or twice a week.

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